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Staging in Implant Dentistry

Dear Doctor, I have read lately that implants can be done in two ways — either in one or two stages. Could you explain what this means as well as the pros and cons of each method? An example of a dental implant placed into the bone and covered by the gum tissue. This will […]

Link Between Heart and Gum Disease

The human body is a single unit composed of a seemingly infinite number of biologic processes. However, did you know that abnormalities of almost any of its parts can, and do, have profound effects in multiple areas? For example, the body’s inflammatory and immune (resistance) systems, responsible for defense against infection and promotion of healing, […]

Loose Dentures

Dear Doctor, My dentures are so loose. I would like to have implants but I am unable to at this time. Can you please give me some information to help me better understand my options? Dear Shanai, It would seem from your question that you already understand that implants are your best option. What you […]

Standard of Care for Edentulous Patient

A New Standard of Care — Two Implants will change Everything! The two-implant overdenture for the lower jaw is a far simpler and equally effective solution. In fact, in the original Toronto Study (when the treatment was introduced to North America), the complaints of many patients seeking implant treatment were solved during the initial healing […]

Dentists Diagnose Diabetes

Dental visits can aid in the process of diagnosing diabetes or prediabetes for people with the condition, according to researchers at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. The reason for this possibility is that when a patient has periodontal disease, that’s one of the first complications associated with diabetes. Dentists haven’t played a role […]

How Crowns Attach to Dental Implants

Dear Doctor, I was intrigued to learn that implant crowns can either be screwed into implants or cemented on to them. Wouldn’t a screwed-in crown look awful? Why would I want to have my crown attached this way? Once a crown is attached to the implant, a person cannot determine which method of attachment was […]

Mouthguards and Sports

Many children that don’t wear protective mouthguards while playing sports should be doing so, according to a survey conducted by Delta Dental Plans Association. These findings indicate that children aren’t listening to their dentists. Delta Dental recently did a wide-ranging survey regarding the oral health of American children. Aside from the obvious protection provided to […]

Immediate Loading of Dental Implants

What was nearly impossible just a short time ago, Dr. Gardner now makes happen hundreds of times each year! You can receive beautiful new teeth, in just one day! Advances in implant technology and new protocols developed by experienced Doctors allow for less invasive surgery without bone grafts that results in the ability to replace […]

Gum Disease Can Cause Stillbirths

  Earlier this year, scientists uncovered the cause of a stillborn baby’s death: bleeding gums. Following the tragic occurrence, the infant’s mother had contacted researchers at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University and asked them to investigate the possibility of a connection between her baby’s stillbirth and her own gum disease. The scientists subsequently discovered a […]

Same Day Dentistry

Same day dentistry refers to an innovative new brand of treatment that condenses some traditional procedures into a single office visit. Thanks to in-office dental CAD/CAM technology, patients can receive milled metal-free crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays in one office visit, while they wait. If your dentist uses a CEREC or E4D Dentist System in the dental office, same day dentistry may […]