Immediate Loading of Dental Implants

What was nearly impossible just a short time ago, Dr. Gardner now makes happen hundreds of times each year! You can receive beautiful new teeth, in just one day!

Advances in implant technology and new protocols developed by experienced Doctors allow for less invasive surgery without bone grafts that results in the ability to replace failing or missing teeth with customized, hand-crafted replacements immediately or soon thereafter.

This can be done with ONE tooth or MULTIPLE teeth and eliminates the need for a removable temporary appliance while maintaining near normal function during the healing phase. Since the teeth are fixed to implants, there is usually a shorter adjustment period.

Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. A clinical exam is necessary to determine the right conditions. Teeth delivered at the time of surgery are provisional (temporary) teeth, and will be changed to a final prosthesis after complete healing. The provisional teeth can be used for as long as a year. This process is called Immediate Loading and is carried out in a predictable fashion as long as patients meet the necessary criteria. Immediate Loading is a procedure I enjoy most and consider it to be one of the many modern miracles in Dentistry. 


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