What is a Smile Makeover?

Many patients initially consult with a cosmetic dentist due to dissatisfaction with the appearance of their smiles. A number of issues can mar your smile’s beauty, such as misaligned or missing teeth, or chips, cracks or stains in the teeth.

Patients who want to enhance their smiles’ aesthetics can benefit from smile makeovers. A smile makeover can be different things to different patients, depending on the patient’s unique circumstances. The interventions performed in a smile makeover can be simple or complex, and patients may benefit from numerous procedures or just a handful of treatments that boost their smiles.

For example, a smile makeover may be comprised of multiple, extensive treatments, including the surgical placement of dental implants, realigning crooked teeth and restoring damaged or misshapen teeth through veneers or other restorative techniques. In other cases, the appearance of the teeth can be improved dramatically with minimal interventions, such as replacing a metal filling with a tooth-colored one or merely whitening and brightening the smile with an in-office system like ZOOM, that results in visible effects in just an hour!

In planning a smile makeover, the dentist will first review your smile goals with you, focusing on the issues that are most concerning to you.

After collecting that information, the cosmetic dentist will then develop a treatment plan designed to help you achieve those goals.

The dentist will also discuss the treatment timeline with you so that you know what to expect. Many patients are surprised to learn that the treatment course is much shorter than they were anticipating. With modern techniques and treatments like same-day smiles, a dentist can refurbish a significantly damaged smile in a matter of weeks.

Keep in mind, though, that patients who require multiple interventions will have a longer treatment timeline. The dentist may be able to perform multiple procedures in one session if patients choose sedation, too.

A smile makeover can have a dramatic effect on your appearance and self-esteem. To explore your options for improving your smile, contact the office of Dr. Gardner and learn about what interventions may be most beneficial to you. Call 516-484-6394 to schedule your consultation today.