What Types of Dental Crowns are Available?

dental crowns RoslynDental crowns are important and common restorations. Patients may require the placement of a crown for a number of reasons. The most common reasons a patient will need a crown is tooth fractures, extensive decay, or infected root canals. Our dentist and our skilled team provide a number of restorative and cosmetic services to help increase oral function without compromising a patient’s appearance.

What is a dental crown exactly?

Consider a crown to be a tooth-shaped cap. Unlike a filling, which only repairs a small portion of the tooth, a crown covers and protects the entire tooth above the gum line. Crowns restore teeth to their rightful size and shape while also providing a durable biting surface so that patients can enjoy renewed oral function without discomfort. This type of dental restoration may also be used to improve a patient’s appearance by covering diseased and/or worn down teeth.

What materials make up dental crowns?

Since a crown is tailor-made to the needs of each patient, these restorations are created in dental laboratories by trained technicians. Patients have a few options when it comes to the materials used. For the most natural appearance, our dentist may suggest an all porcelain crown. All porcelain crowns are typically best for the most visible teeth. Durable metals such as gold or silver are also used for crowns as well. These materials work well for the back teeth, especially molars because they can tolerate the everyday forces of biting and chewing food. A third and popular option is a metal or gold crown with porcelain fused over the outside. This type of crown is both extremely durable and natural looking.

How do I know what type of crown is best for me?

The only way to truly know which material is right for your needs is to discuss your options with our dentist. During your appointment, our dentist will take into account which tooth needs repair and your unique situation to help you determine the best treatment method.

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