Revolutionary product could be the end of tooth decay

A microscopically thin film that can coat individual teeth has been created in Japan


Soon tooth decay may be gone for good with the revolutionary ‘tooth patch’; a durable, ultra-flexible film made from the material mainly found in tooth enamel. Scientists in Japan recently created the film, which can coat individual teeth to prevent decay and also be an end to sensitive teeth!

Once adhered to the tooth surface, the film provides excellent protection against plaque, tartar and decay, which means your smile will be more clean and beautiful than ever before!

What’s more, scientists say the film can come in a white version, which can whiten teeth instantly for cosmetic dentistry!

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Since this technology is still being researched and developed, it will be a while until we see this exciting product hit our shores. Until then, we at North Shore Restorative and Implant Dentistry in New York, have fantastic cosmetic dentistry treatments that will leave you feeling beautiful and your smile gleaming.

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

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