When can I return to work after a dental implant procedure?

Dental implant placement requires a surgical procedure performed by an implant dentist. Therefore, patients should be prepared for a certain recovery period before resuming their normal activities, as is the case with any surgery. Patients may experience some discomfort in the days following the surgery, and they may need to adjust their diets for a few days and avoid vigorous exercise, for example.

Fortunately, the surgery needed for dental implants is an outpatient procedure that is generally completed in a matter of hours. Patients return home the same day.

Many dental implant patients will return to work within 2-3 days, although that will vary based on individual factors and characteristics associated with the patient.

The number of dental implants placed will affect the recovery process. Patients who only get one or two implants may be able to return to work the next day, while patients who get more than that will need a few additional days.

If complications arise following the procedure, they can delay your return to work as well as your resumption of your daily routine. One significant risk associated with dental implants (along with any surgery) is a post-operative infection. Your implant dentist can give you instructions on how to keep the implant site clean to reduce your risk of infection.

Smoking also can interfere with healing, so patients who want a smooth recovery should also give up this habit, at least for a few weeks after dental implant placement, if not permanently. A patient’s overall level of health is also a factor. Patients in poorer health and those with chronic health problems may heal more slowly.

Patients should be well-informed about the dental implant placement surgery, as well as what they can expect during the recovery process. While planning for the implant placement procedure, be sure to discuss all aspects of the treatment and possible outcomes with your implant dentist so that you will know what steps to take to improve your chances of an uneventful and speedy recovery.

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