Hollywood Smile

Anybody who acquires the ability to see beauty never grows old!

Every person is unique, and so is their smile. A smile serves as an invitation to our fellow human beings to get to know us. Stars show us how it’s done: Julia Roberts, George Clooney, etc., have particularly attractive smiles.

Not everyone is naturally blessed with beautiful, even, white teeth. Do you only smile and laugh with your hand covering your mouth or with your lips closed? This can be a thing of the past now. Smile and laugh spontaneously, joyously, confidently, and in a relaxed way! With the aid of orthodontic treatments, veneers (ceramic covers) and/or ceramic crowns, unattractive gaps, misalignments, or dark teeth that can no longer be brightened (due to older root canal treatments) can be removed, and an appealing and favorable look can be created – it’s easier than you think!

Bleaching the teeth prior to reconstructive and beautifying procedures can further improve results.

Beautiful people with flawlessly white teeth beam at us from magazines, billboards, TV, and other media. Is it even possible to have teeth that are that white? Yes, an uncomplicated method makes it possible for everyone: It’s called bleaching.

Red / White Aesthetics

Teeth become darker or spotty due to consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, and coca cola, or simply as a result of the natural ageing process. Through bleaching, your own teeth can be brightened without any complications.

Usually, the results last for two to three years or longer, depending on your personal oral hygiene and eating habits. If necessary, you can have another professional dental bleaching done after two years.

“Freshly squeezed orange juice affects the dental enamel more than modern bleaching.”

Professional brightening is done with active oxygen, which decolorizes the unattractive color pigments present in the teeth. Through this process, no dental enamel is removed, cut, or etched away. The extent of the brightening is individual and depends on the base tone of your teeth. Depending on the degree of discoloration, a brightening of about 1 – 14 shades is possible.

Prior to bleaching, the dentist should check the teeth and fillings and, if necessary, professional cleaning (oral hygiene) should be performed. Furthermore, it should be noted that only one’s own teeth can be brightened (no crowns, bridges, or veneers can be brightened). This is another reason why bleaching is the optimal starting point before REPLACEing a ceramic-technical provision.

So is it possible to measure, categorize, and standardize smiles?

Aesthetics of the Gums

Yes, we can show you a way.

The gums should be pale pink, lie flat on the tooth and, when observed closely, show a stippling pattern (similar to that of an orange). The first upper tooth is the lightest, the second one is a bit darker, and the third one is the darkest.

A smile is considered young and dynamic when we see more upper jaw teeth than lower jaw teeth. Of particular importance for a harmonic appearance is the symmetry of the upper teeth; a slight asymmetry of the teeth in the lower jaw, on the other hand, promotes a natural appearance. Furthermore, the proper interaction of saturation, surface, and spatial contrasts, as well as translucency and opalescence, is important in order to obtain a natural appearance.

Other parameters for a charming smile are dental geometry and red-white aesthetics. With the aid of modern dentistry, it’s possible to face life with a flawless white smile nowadays. The range of possibilities for “polishing up” your personal dental image is broad. Body care, hygiene, and “taking time out for oneself” are all becoming a bigger and bigger priority in today’s society.

“Wellness” is the name for the new magic formula for feeling well and for satisfaction in your private as well as in your professional life. Dental aesthetics doesn’t just consist of beautiful white teeth; above all, it consists of healthy teeth in a healthy body. According to a Thai proverb, “a smiling person shows teeth.”

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