Five top reasons to opt for implants over dentures

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Sometimes tooth loss is inevitable, but in the general sense it is usually due to poor oral hygiene, severe trauma or periodontitis (an infection of the gums). Many Americans have admitted to feeling devastation after losing a tooth, and at North Shore Restorative and Implant Dentistry in Long Island, we provide a permanent, effective and natural-looking solution to your tooth loss. A multitude of patients frequently ask what the difference is between removable dentures and dental implants, so we have compiled the best reasons why dental implants are in fact the better option.

What are dental implants?

The Dental implant treatment is a surgical procedure that utilizes tiny titanium screws that are REPLACEed into the jawbone. After a period of months, the jawbone accepts the screw as part of your biological makeup and fuses with the screw (a process called Osseo-integration) to form a solid and durable anchor point for your dental implant. A porcelain crown is then placed over the implant to complete the procedure, providing full functionality and esthetics back to your smile.

Why are implants a better choice?

There are a multitude of advantages with dental implants, ones that are not present with removable dentures. Don’t be fooled by the aura of convenience that emanates from removable dentures, as convenience now will be substituted with hassle later on.

1. Dental implants look and feel completely natural

Once the Osseo-integration process is complete and your implant is secure, dental implants provide a permanent and solid solution to tooth loss. Whereas removable dentures do not look natural inside the mouth and can slip from placement, causing discomfort.

2. Dental implants are more comfortable

Since the implants are fused with the jaw, they feel completely like your own natural teeth. This means they would feel secure and totally comfortable, you might even forget they are implants! Removable dentures do not offer this benefit, as they are clipped in to the mouth it is possible for them to move around and cause discomfort and even lower self-esteem.

3. Dental implants are a durable, solid tooth loss solution

Removable dentures need to be cleaned every night and would, with time, require replacement. Dental implants are a permanent answer and provide a solid and durable base for your new teeth.

4. No more fear!

One of the greatest benefits of dental implants is the removal of the fear of losing your teeth! Because they are a permanent solution, if taken care of properly you do not have to worry about losing removable dentures and paying for a new set!

5. Dental implants give you back full function of your mouth!

Don’t worry about biting into that apple ever again! With dental implants you can eat what you like, when you like without having to worry about your teeth falling out or becoming damaged!

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