Feeling self-conscious about your smile?

cosmetic dentist RoslynOur smiles are a very important aspect of our appearance. It is often the first thing someone notices when meeting a person for the first time. If your smile is flawed in some way, it’s easy to understand why you might be self-conscious about it.

Unfortunately, everyone isn’t born with a picture-perfect smile. However, by working with a cosmetic dentist, patients can achieve dramatic results and get the smile of their dreams.

A cosmetic dentist can use a number of interventions to correct the problems with your smile. In cases of more severe problems, the treatment course may take several months, or even more than a year. But the time invested will be well worth the final result.

For example, in patients with crooked teeth, a cosmetic dentist may suggest Invisalign, a system of clear plastic trays that progressively move the teeth into their correct positions over the course of 12-18 months. Because the trays are clear and removable, patients can see their results in real time!

Dental implants can also help to improve the smile’s appearance if the patient has experienced tooth loss. These devices require a surgical procedure to place the implant, with which the bone will bond over several months. The implant then holds a prosthetic, and many patients can wear a temporary prosthetic while the implant heals.

Other patients can see permanent results in a shorter timeframe. Significant chips or cracks, deep stains or disproportionately small teeth can be improved with porcelain veneers, which from start to finish take a matter of weeks to create and place.

Some patients will benefit dramatically from interventions that take just a few hours, or even less. Metal fillings can be removed and replaced with tooth-colored ones for a significant impact in a short time frame. Similarly, a straightforward bonding procedure can re-contour a tooth in little time. An in-office tooth whitening system like Zoom! can give patients visible results in a little over an hour.

If your concerns about your smile’s appearance have been affecting your quality of life and your mood, consider working with a cosmetic dentist to give your pearly whites a boost. Schedule an initial consultation with our team at North Shore Restorative and Implant Dentistry to learn more about the treatment options that can help you meet your smile goals.