Dental Implants: Will my replacement teeth look natural?

Many patients fear that when they lose teeth in adulthood their smiles will never look the same. Our implant dentist understands the negative effects that accompany tooth loss. From depression and social anxiety to impaired oral function, tooth loss has far-reaching effects. Fortunately, our dentist offers a durable and attractive solution with dental implants.

A Unique Tooth Replacement Option

Unlike dentures, which over time can become ill fitting and uncomfortable, dental implants are permanent. They are also incredibly durable, so much so that dental implants can last for decades without replacement and in some cases, a lifetime. Implants are also very life-like and even function like real teeth. For example, patients brush and floss their dental implants just as they would their biological teeth. The reason this tooth replacement option is so unique is the construction of implants. Consisting of a titanium rod, which is embedded into the jawbone, and a natural looking crown, implants replace both the visible structures of a tooth as well as its structure beneath the surface of the gums. [pullquote]Our implant dentist understands the negative effects that accompany tooth loss.[/pullquote]

Since titanium is treated by the body like mineralized tissue, the jawbone will fuse around the implant over time. This allows the titanium post to serve as a tooth’s root. A dental crown, made to exact measurements is then attached to the implant via an abutment. The crown provides a stable biting surface so patients can eat their favorite foods—and even harder-to-chew foods—with ease.

Benefits of Dental Implants

In addition to receiving a tooth replacement that appears and acts like a natural tooth, implants offer other benefits. When tooth loss occurs, many patients, even those with dentures, experience bone atrophy because the body resorbs bone mass. This can cause the face to appear “sunken in”. Implants, however, support bone health and prevent atrophy. Implants also provide support to neighboring teeth and will prevent further tooth loss so that teeth won’t collapse into empty tooth sockets.

To learn more about your tooth replacement options, contact North Shore Restorative & Implant Dentistry to reserve a consultation with our skilled implant dentist.