Dental Implants: How long will I be without replacement teeth?

same day smiles Port WashingtonLosing teeth in adulthood is a distressing experience that affects a patient’s ability to chew food comfortably and efficiently. Eventually, tooth loss leaves nearby teeth unsupported and puts them at risk for collapsing into empty tooth sockets. Tooth loss also has psychological effects; many patients develop a depressed mood and develop anxiety during social situations because they feel embarrassed by their incomplete smiles. For the reasons listed above, it is very important to your oral health and overall wellbeing to replace lost teeth.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our implant dentist can restore smiles more quickly than with traditional dental implant methods. In the past, patients had to wait until their treatment was complete and in some cases, went months without enjoying the benefits of replacement teeth. Today, however, the implantation process can be completed much more quickly with the same day smiles approach.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants replace both a missing tooth’s crown and its roots. When compared to dentures or bridges, which rest on top of the gums, dental implants are more durable and stable because they are anchored directly into the jaw. Since the implant is embedded into the jawbone, the replacement tooth will not slip or slide in the mouth as a removable prosthetic would. Furthermore, dental implants prevent bone atrophy.

How Same Day Smiles Works

In one clinical appointment, patients will receive both the implant post and the replacement crown. Prior to performing the same day smiles procedure, our implant dentist will use cone beam imaging and other technologies to develop an efficient treatment plan, which includes producing a prototype denture and the use of virtual surgery technology. Virtual surgery provides a simulation of the surgical process along with thorough surgical guide for the procedure itself. Using technology for all the preparation allows our implant dentist to precisely REPLACE the dental implants and attach their prosthetics in one appointment.

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