Dental Implants: Enjoy the health benefits of a complete smile

dental implants ManhassetTooth loss has the most noticeable impact on the smile’s appearance, but missing teeth can compromise a patient’s health, as well.

To protect your oral health and your overall well-being following tooth loss, it’s important to carefully consider a number of factors as you make your decision on a tooth replacement treatment.

When patients choose a structurally complete replacement tooth, such as dental implants, to restore a smile, they gain a number of health benefits.

The dental implant is unique because it replaces both the absent crown and root. Alternatives like bridges and dentures only fill in the empty space left behind by the crown but do nothing to replicate the root structure that provides essential support for the smile.

The surrounding bone will form a bond with the implant after it is REPLACEed into the jaw by the implant dentist. That phenomenon, known as osseointegration, helps to preserve a significant portion of the functionality of the biological teeth.

For this reason, dental implants are far more effective at chewing than other prosthetic appliances. They can withstand normal chewing forces, which helps in maintaining good nutritional intake even after tooth loss. Fresh and crispy fruits and veggies will not be off limits for people with dental implants.

Dental implants also offer a degree of protection against future tooth loss. The implant helps to stabilize the underlying jawbone by reducing the bone loss that typically accompanies tooth loss. This helps to preserve the integrity of the attachment between tooth and jaw, reducing the chances that a remaining tooth will fall out.

It’s also more convenient to care for dental implants with your normal oral hygiene routine. If you brush and floss normally according to your dentist’s directions, you can reduce the presence of potentially harmful oral bacteria.

Tooth loss has the potential for negative consequences for your health, but you can choose a tooth replacement method that may minimize those effects. To learn more about your options, contact the office of Dr. David Gardner and schedule your informative consultation today.