Same Day Smiles: A Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

same day smiles Long IslandOur implant dentist knows that losing teeth is a traumatic and distressing experience for patients in our community. Losing teeth has an impact on everyday life—from chewing food properly to facing social situations with confidence. To compound the distressing nature of tooth loss, patients with traditional tooth replacement methods like dentures are often disappointed with their prosthetic teeth because they seldom fit properly and feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, by using the latest technology and clinical methods, our implant dentist can restore oral function and appearance with a process called same day smiles.

How do same day smiles work?

Same day smiles is a one-day surgical procedure that involves utilizing small dental implants, embedded in strategic locations throughout the jaw to anchor sets of custom made prosthetic teeth. While the procedure itself only takes one day, our implant dentist will work diligently to develop your treatment plan so that you can enjoy renewed oral function and a beautiful, natural looking smile.

What is involved in the treatment planning process?

After consulting with our implant dentist, if same day smiles is determined the best tooth replacement option for your needs, the treatment planning process will begin. First, a cone beam scan will be taken that produces very precise three-dimensional images of your jawbones and teeth. This three-dimensional image will be used in state-of-the-art software that helps our dentist determine where to place your dental implants along with determining the unique specifications of your prosthetic teeth. This process, also called computer-guided dentistry, helps speed up the surgical process while also establishing predictable results.

Will my new smile look natural?

Since your treatment is tailored to your individual situation and needs, your new smile will look and feel very similar to biological teeth. In addition to producing a very natural looking result, you will enjoy restored and comfortable oral function.

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