Completely Transform Smiles in Just One Day? Yes, It’s Possible!

The option to receive a single day smile reconstruction is an amazing achievement. The latest in technological developments in dentistry have sprung about the term “same day smile”. However, this clever marketing interpretation is a bit misleading.


Dr. David Gardner is here to educate patients to understanding dental treatments with the potential to change lives…

The standard “Same Day Smile” treatment process covers several weeks of effort, energy, and time from both the dentist and patient through several office visits to develop a treatment plan leading up to the actual procedure. The gradual stages with same day dental procedures begin with crafting a series of impressions of a patient’s mouth in order to develop the optimal tooth position, shade, shape and symmetry.

Dr. David Gardner at North Shore Dentistry in Long Island, NY is focused on client satisfaction and provides only the most cutting-edge technology with remarkable service that can dramatically alter the state of a patients teeth so they can wake up to an elevated smile.

With revolutionary digital imaging equipment known as a cone beam ray CT (computed tomography) machine, Dr. Gardener can create “Same day Smiles”.

The main advantages of this breakthrough three dimensional imaging system allows patients to receive no incisions in the gums and a quick recovery! Another benefit is that Cone beam machines minimize chair time and number of visits.

Cone beam procedures are safe. They utilize 98% less radiation compared to traditional reconstructive treatments, while targeting a smaller area of the jaw. Lengthier processes of the past can cost more with the considerable amount of work and visits they require.

The cone beam CT machine renders 3D X-rays that allows Dr. Gardner to explore and pinpoint the vital internal components of a patient’s facial structure. These images provide a surgical guide, and allow him to avoid any complex anatomical systems such as sinus cavities and nerves that can cause complication if disrupted during procedure.

This technology allows implant surgery is done with minimal invasion on the patient through this computer guided technique. There’s no better solution for post-operative discomfort, minimizing swelling and bruising.

With conscientious experience from a replicated model leading up to the day of procedure, results yields more accurate implant placement, and less in office time for patients.

The technology of the cone beam CT machine got its name from the cone shaped X-ray beam that when projected, revolves around the head creating intricate panoramic image of the jaw area. Over 300 images are taken in a minute while a CT machine X-ray is produced. This yields an extremely accurate map for the day of procedure. Specialized computer software convert the scan of the internal structure into physical photos and adds rich, detailed depth that allows the most effective, beneficial treatment possible.

Through the use of 3D images, Dr. Gardner prepares the surgical mouth tray, or stent, that guides the direction of procedure and placement of dental implant on an archetype rather than on the physical patient.

Dr. Gardner cares deeply about our client comfort when it comes to highly technical treatment. He has developed strategies within cone beam ray CT technology which make procedures as convenient for patients as possible.

For more information on the ‘Same Day Smile’ treatment or to book an appointment at our Long Island dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.