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5 Mouth Healthy Snacks That Are Delicious Too!

Not all foods are created equal. Some can be good for you and some can cause detrimental damage to your teeth (EEK)! Below are a few snack ideas that are not only tasty and easy to whip up, but healthy for your mouth too. 1. Apple Cinnamon oatmeal: Due to the high fiber and crunchy […]

Make A Difference on the Scale and Your Mouth

One of the biggest topics that people buzz about is losing a few pounds and making healthier decisions when it comes to food. But did you know that making those changes could not only make a difference on the scale but also in your mouth? Here are 3 food tips that bring benefits to your […]

Tips to Maintain Your Bright White Smile

If you have recently whitened your teeth and are looking for ways to keep your teeth bright and white, there are a few easy steps you can take to keep stains at bay. Avoid Staining Food and Drinks One of the most important things you can do to prevent tooth discoloration is to avoid eating […]

No Teeth? No Problem!

Are missing teeth causing you difficulty, discomfort or embarrassment? Don’t worry – we have all the facts about tooth replacement treatments and the effectiveness of dental implants as a long-term solution for missing teeth.

What Type of Floss Should I Use?

We know we don’t have to tell you this—but flossing at least once a day is key to healthy gums and teeth! And while studies have shown it doesn’t really matter what kind of floss you use (as long as you do it!), people are more likely to use floss that’s easy for them to […]

Order of Your Oral Hygiene Routine

You’re awake, congratulations! Now, you are standing in front of the bathroom mirror, you’ve been wanting to upgrade your oral hygiene routine but you’ve heard a lot of conflicting information. There are so many tools and what order should you do them in? We’re here to help! If you’ve ever wondered, “What comes first brushing […]

Do Genetics Play a Role in the Overall Health of Teeth?

Have you ever wondered if genetics affect the health of your teeth and gums? While genetics is a relatively new field of study, scientists and medical researchers are learning more about how our DNA affects our overall wellbeing including our dental health. Although we currently lack a total understanding of genetics, we do know that […]

Detecting Cavities Early with Laser Technology

Did you know that laser technology can be used in dentistry to reveal cavities in their earliest stages? While this revolutionary technology seems like it belongs in a science fiction movie, it is available to patients in our area. With DIAGNOdent, a laser light is used to detect early stages of decay so that our […]

Is your mouth stressed out?

You are probably familiar with the effects that stress can have on your physical and mental health, like an increased risk of high blood pressure and depression. Stress can also compromise your dental health, and this is another reason to try to keep your stress levels in check. In general, high stress levels are associated […]

Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums Through the Retirement Years

A few decades ago, older patients often were relegated to ill-fitting uncomfortable dentures after the tooth loss that inevitably came with aging in years past. Now, more and more patients are keeping their biological teeth into their 80s and beyond. The best dentist can work with you to preserve your smile well into your retirement […]