Are There Food Restrictions with Dental Implants?

dental implants Long IslandYou have probably heard about dental implants on the news or from an acquaintance. In fact, you might be wondering how dental implants compare to other types of tooth replacement methods or how implants affect oral function or your daily routine. Experienced with placing these permanent replacement teeth, our implant dentist offers some insight on common questions about dental implants.

Can I eat tough or chewy foods with implants?

When compared to eating with missing teeth or removable prosthetics, most patients agree that eating with dental implants is very similar to eating with biological teeth. This is because implants are placed in the jawbone and therefore will not move or slip in the mouth. After implants have stabilized, patients can enjoy a diet without restrictions.

Will my smile appear natural looking?

The prosthetics attached to implants such as crowns or bridges can be made from incredibly natural looking material like ceramic or metal with a porcelain overlay. Since porcelain comes in a number of white shades, prosthetics attached to implants will seamlessly blend with surrounding natural teeth.

What material is used to make the implant?

The implant itself, the portion of the prosthetic tooth that is embedded into the jaw, is constructed from titanium. This metal is extremely durable and also biocompatible with the body. After placing the implant, a process called osseointegration occurs where the jawbone will integrate around the titanium implant. This process is natural and is what allows the implant to function like a tooth’s root. Much of the implant’s stability and longevity is attributed to the fact that titanium is biocompatible with bone structure.

Who should receive dental implants?

Patients who have lost teeth should consider receiving implants because they offer a number of oral health advantages. Those interested in learning more should schedule a consultation with our implant dentist. During a consultation, our team will determine whether a patient is a candidate for this procedure.

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