3 Reasons to Ditch Dentures for Dental Implants

Why choose those wobbly dentures when you could experience the next best thing to your natural tooth…


There are two popular ways to replace teeth. One solution that is most popular, is to get fitted for personalized dentures; a complete set of false teeth made up of acrylic cast metal, flexible plastics, and porcelain. Though there are many other composite materials available, plastics and porcelain are the most commonly used these days for dentures.

The other choice is to go with dental implants. The procedure for getting an implant is clear-cut. A dental surgeon REPLACEs a titanium screw into the jaw bone, and corrective teeth are anchored to the implant.

At North Shore Dentistry, Dr. Gardner has expertise in this progressive second option.
Between a set of dentures and a dental implant the latter ranks far better in three basic, but crucial, categories…


Dental implants are extremely strong, firm and comfortable as they act as a secure root in the jaw bone, just as natural teeth roots do. There are rarely complications or discomfort while speaking, chewing or drinking and regular brushing takes care of general cleaning. No specialized care is needed, or new cleaning routines to be developed with implants. They can be treated as normal natural teeth.

Once an implant is rooted within the jawbone, they don’t wiggle or slip like dentures might from time to time. This means there less chance of wear down and possible tear to the surface of gums, making them a better option for overall mouth health.

Comparatively, dentures have the tendency to shift a little over the course of a day when chewing and speaking, even when adhered with the strongest grade denture cream. It may take some time getting used to dentures. Those new to a set of dentures tend to make a lot of ‘clicking’ sounds as well, or worse, they develop an unconscious habit of playing with them while in the mouth which can be embarrassing or startling to the person they are talking to, or eating with.

The comfort of patients is a top priority for Dr. Gardner at his state-of-the-art office based in Roslyn, Long Island. If you are considering dental implants as your solution to missing teeth, you will experience only the highest quality in comfort while going through your implant process at every stage–from initial consultation to final procedure.


Dental implants can be used to replace just a single missing tooth whose root may have gotten a disease, decayed and rotted. Or, implants are a great option for a row of missing teeth that may have been lost in an accident or simply from aging.

This makes implants more flexible and user friendly. However, it’s important to note that they are not the most friendly and option for someone who smokes or has diabetes, as they may present some complications in the future.

Dentures on the other hand, are only recommended when, or if several teeth have been lost and you need your entire set of teeth made. Dentures are only a better option in a more severe case of tooth loss.

Dr. Gardner wants to provide you with only the most convenient care possible. We provide extensive office hours and warmly welcome our patients when they are in need. Call our progressive practice at 516-484-6394 to discover the many advantages of dental implants at North Shore Dentistry.


Most patients find that implants are far easier to maintain than dentures. Implants last a lifetime, and are good with no need of specialized upkeep. Once the implants are fitted to natural perfection of mouth size of an individual, there is no need for additional fixtures or appliances.

In the case of dentures, patients are required to return to their dentists for multiple follow-up visits to keep them in optimal shape. The jawbone structure of a human naturally changes as we age. Dentures over time will need re-basing, re-aligning, and sometimes will possibly need a complete redesign. Since dentures are worn on top of the jawbone surface, users need to make sure they are keeping in tip-top hygiene shape to prevent bacteria from spreading, colonizing, and deteriorating the dentures themselves.

Let us lead you to less maintenance for your prosthetic teeth at North Shore Restorative and Implant Dentistry, and you’ll be more than happy you did. Dr. Gardner provides professional cleanings through general dentistry methods to keep you implants as perfect as possible for life.

For more information contact us today to set up a one-on-one consultation or to schedule an appointment with Dr.David Gardner at his Long Island dental practice.