Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr. Gardner performed extensive dental surgery and restorative work this week on my 29-year-old son, Dan, who has severe nonverbal autism. His teeth look great. He did not seem to be in pain following the surgery or over the weekend. From the moment they met each other, Dr. Gardner treated Dan with respect, empathy and understanding. He spoke to him as he would to any adult - and Dan reciprocated by being a good patient. (Isn't this how it should work with every patient-physician relationship?) Dan is a great guy but along with not being able to speak, he also has sensory issues and grinds his teeth with intensity. He had a lot of decay related, we believe, to his inability to rid his body of toxicity - he gets great dental care at the group home where he lives. He needed extensive root canal work - Medicaid does not cover this and opts for extraction. The last thing Dan wanted was to lose his teeth! Dr Gardner and his staff made sure he didn't. With many thanks to office manager AnnMarie, dental assistant Ginny and anesthesiologist Dr, Glassman. All empathetic and skilled.

- Barbara On behalf of Daniel M

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