Dental Implant Placement Process

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Your initial examination and phase one consultation is a vital part of the treatment planning process. Our dental implant experts will use state of the art technology to collect diagnostic information that will allow us to assess your oral health, available bone, and your needs and desires…


At this consultation appointment we will discuss your treatment options in clear and understandable language using models and photos of other patients we have treated.  Subsequent to this visit, we will provide you with a written treatment plan to insure you understand each step of the way and what is involved.   We know that most patients want to know three things; 1- How long will it take, 2- How much will it cost, and 3- How much will it hurt.  We do not like surprises and we presume that you do not like surprises either.  While unexpected occurrences are possible, we do everything we can to minimize these possibilities.

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This is the treatment phase and can range from a minimal number of visits to an extensive number of visits based on the treatment plan we have agreed upon. We make every effort to make these appointments convenient and comfortable. Most importantly we are available 24 hours a day and expect to be contacted if there are any questions or concerns.


At the completion of your case we hope you are in the mood to celebrate your new smile!  Please remember that our relationship does not end here.  We look forward to continuing to provide you with supportive care and maintenance.  Dental implants are wonderful but like everything, they require care and supervision.  If you have any further queries or concerns in regards to the implant procedures we offer at Dental Implant Solutions, our friendly team is more than happy to share their expertise.

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The Old Way vs. The New Way of Placing Dental Implants:

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The old way versus the new way