Teeth Cleaning FAQs

Teeth Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have a dental cleaning?

Every six months, you should schedule a dental cleaning and checkup appointment. If you have dental caries or gum disease problems, your dentist may suggest having your teeth cleaned every three months.

How much does a teeth cleaning cost?

The cost typically starts at around $100 for a complete cleaning. If there is extensive tartar and plaque, root planing and scaling may be required. This adds to the price. If you have your teeth cleaned regularly, you save money because you are not as likely to need deeper cleaning or extensive treatments.

Does teeth cleaning hurt?

Cleaning your teeth is not painful, although you will feel some pressure. If you have gingivitis, the gums may be pushed back a bit so the dentist or hygienist can reach the affected areas. Any discomfort is minimal and short-lived. If you are anxious about a teeth cleaning, talk to your dentist about possible anesthesia to make you more comfortable during your teeth cleaning.

Can I eat after my teeth are cleaned?

Yes, you can eat whatever you like after a dental cleaning but wait about a half-hour after fluoride is applied to the teeth to make sure it is fully absorbed. Your gums may be sensitive to hot and cold for an hour or two after cleaning. If you have a deep cleaning that includes scaling and planing, do not eat until the numbness of any local anesthesia wears off. Avoid hard or crunchy foods for 40 hours.

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