Advanced Technology

Using the Most Advanced Dental Technology in Roslyn, NY

Dr. Gardner’s training and skill are the foundation of exceptional dental care. However, he is always open to new technologies and techniques that can build on his knowledge to provide an even better experience for his patients. To that end, Dr. Gardner uses the most advanced technology available for procedures ranging from dental implants to imaging. His use of the latest advanced technology enhances results, reduces the risk of complications, and minimizes time in the dentist’s chair.


Ceramill technology ensures your dental crowns or dentures are perfect every time. Using digital impressions of your teeth, we fabricate your crowns or dentures in the office, overseeing the process from design to completion. The Ceramill system with TRIOs intramural scanner technology is only available at select practices, giving you precision results faster than ever.

The result? Replacement teeth others cannot distinguish from natural teeth. You save time and money because we have eliminated the need for a dental lab to create your replacement teeth. With digital impressions, you can see what your new teeth will look like and do not have to endure old-fashioned, gooey materials in your mouth to make an impression to ensure a good fit. Less time, less money, and better teeth are the result.

With Ceramill, North Shore Restorative & Implant Dentistry provides you with:

  • Incredible precision
  • Streamlined, quick fabrication
  • True color scanning for more definition
  • The best possible fit and natural esthetic


Diagnodent is a fluorescent laser used to detect cavities beneath the surface of your teeth. By catching dental caries early, we can treat it early before it poses a problem for you. You save on the cost of fillings, repair work, and possible tooth extraction when we use Diagnodent to find early cavities before they can be seen, and even before they show up on x-rays.

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Digital X-Rays

Traditional x-rays have given way to digital x-rays, sometimes called 3D imaging, in the most advanced dental offices. We get a more comprehensive, detailed image of your teeth, jawbone, and the surrounding area with digital imaging software. These allow us to clearly show you any dental issues you may have and better understand how to treat them.

We care about your overall health and well-being as well as your teeth. Digital x-rays give us better imaging while dramatically reducing the amount of radiation you are exposed to during the x-ray procedure. Our digital x-rays use over 80% less radiation than traditional x-ray machines, just one way we protect your health at every turn.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Intra-oral cameras are tiny, digital cameras used to take images of the inside of your mouth and display it on a monitor in real time. You may never have truly seen the inside of your mouth, your teeth and gums until now. These highly sensitive cameras make it easier for us to diagnose tiny fractures that are difficult to see with the naked eye. We also use our intra-oral camera to education our patients – you see what we see, making it easier to explain possible options and get relevant feedback. Our patients appreciate getting to know and understand their dental issues better when we use an intra-oral camera.

CBCT Scanner

CBCT Scanner can be used in planning your treatment

The Cone Beam Computed Tomography is the latest advancement in dental imaging, giving us a panoramic view of your entire mouth, jaw, and neck. Our Kodak 9300 CBCT images show us much more than just your teeth and bones. We also see detailed images of your nerves and soft tissues. This gives us the ability to do complex oral surgeries without impinging on nerves or sinuses or damaging healthy tissue.

As a patient, you benefit from CBCT technology in many ways, including:

  • Quicker imaging (it takes just one minute to complete a CBCT scan, while a more traditional CAT scan can take 30 minutes or more.
  • Less radiation
  • Precision guides for dental implant surgery, ensuring the ideal fit and esthetics
  • Reduced risk of misaligned implants
  • Properly sized implants for optimal safety and integration
  • The opportunity to see what we see and understand your treatment options more fully
  • Cost savings, as dental implants and other procedures can be done with greater precision in less time without any guesswork.

We are extremely proud of the many ways we integrate advanced dental technology into our patients’ care. From protecting you from radiation to ensuring a precision fit for your dental implants, North Shore Restorative & Implant Dentistry always utilizes the latest innovations so that your dental visits are always productive, pain-free, and precision designed just for you.

To learn more about how new dental technologies can make your oral surgery experience more rewarding, please contact our office at North Shore Restorative & Implant Dentistry Office Phone Number (516) 484-6394 to schedule a consultation. We are always happy to demonstrate the technology we use to improve your dental health.